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Oct 7, 2007
I had promised several weeks ago to upload some pikkies.... Here are a few from the last couple of weekends. The weather is getting hotter and stickier, but we are currently enjoying a nice dry spell.

For now, we are still cruising close to home (up to one hour from our home marina). The boat is "run in" and I am satisfied that she can handle anything now, but the admiral is 8 months pregnant, so I don't dare stray too far with her and the terrible twins on board!

The children are crazy about the water and being on the boat. The Walker Bay dinghy (and therefore the beach) has added a new diminesion to our days out. And at last we are catching up with a bunch of neglected friends who are lining up to spend the day out on the water with us. We feel VERY fortunate!....


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Thanks for posting up Boogie. That is a beautiful boat and glad you are enjoying it!!!! I have always thought that the best way to bring a family together with a common interest has got to be boats!!!
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