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Sep 22, 2008
"All public forums" is a new aggregated forum/feature on
I find it VERY handy - don't have to flip through all the individual forums to find new postings.* Would you consider doing this on
Thanks for your consideration, Mike.
Mike, I just saw this. We will take a look at it.
I don't use the PMM forum so I'm not familiar with their "All Public Forums" feature or how it works.* If it's something that would maintain all the current forum categories but duplicates new, unread posts in a central "mailbox" then I can see how that might be useful for some people.* But if this is something that simply combines all the category forums into one central forum, then I don't think this would be an improvement.* It would be like the T&T list, where you see everything and have to scan down all of it to find the posts or threads you're interested in.

Personally I think Trawler Forum as it's set up now is ideal communications tool.* The only part of it that could be questioned are the individual make forums which seem to get very little use.* I assume this is because for many of the makes, large owner-forums already exist.* I don't know if the number of forum categories impact the cost of hosting the forum, but if it does, dropping the individual make categories would probably have little or no impact on the use, vlaue,*and popularity of the overall forum.

But that is the only change I can think of that might be beneficial.* The current setup which shows each user which categories have new or unread posts is great, as is the ability to go directly to the latest post in a thread.

So I don't feel as though it takes too much time to get to the newest posts.

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So I don't feel as though it takes too much time to get to the newest posts

Because it saves time by allowing one to skip posts that are of no interest.
FF commented:

"Because it saves time by allowing one to skip posts that are of no interest."

This was the primary reason John and I started this forum.* We had both been on "the list" and hated it because you were flooded with a lot of stuff that we really didn't care to read.* You have the ability on TrawlerForum to read what you want to read without having to wade through a bunch of crap that you have no interest in.

As far as cost, there is no difference in what it costs us to offer this site.* We can have 1 forum or 100 forums.* We pay by the number of users or "hits".

Translation: As soon as we get our 1 millionth member, I'm afraid we are going to have to have advertisers!

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I'll take an ad. I don't have a business to advertise, but I want the forum to continue. Maybe I could sponsor a new Burma Shave sign campaign? Heck, with a million members we could charge a one dollar membership and you guys could cruise forever.....

Guys don't change anything.
All is good in the Trawler forum world.
Simple, informative, easy,quick ,fun and no Bas....d looking over your shoulder.
I still get PMM in Australia as we don't have any displacement, cruiser type mags, thou this one has gone slightly to the dogs compared to 4/5 years ago.
Won't go near the web site anymore as it is to boring and slow.
When we get 1 mil members I will take out an add for Australian holidays.

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