47POC propellers

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Danny R

Nov 15, 2022
Hello all,

I’m seeking information. I’m purchasing a 1988 Defever 47POC with twin Caterpillar 375hp 3208TA’s. The props have been changed and the boat appears to be over propped according to the current owner. So I’m hoping someone with a 47 POC can tell me what diameter and pitch of the factory props or what props and rpm’s they’re running?

Thanks, info is appreciated!

Welcome aboard. There is a Defever owners group that might have that info on it. We were looking at one and I checked out that site. It had a lot of specs sheets there if I recall correctly.
Hi Danny Robo. Glad to have you aboard. Decided to make the Defever plunge. You made a good choice and your on a good site. A lot of helpful people here. The DeFever cruiser club can tell you anything you want to know but you have to join. I think I'm paying 60 per year. But, like I said, plenty info here.
Most likely 28x28. If they are a diameter different than 28inch, consider that most props used on Defevers built in Taiwan were "square" meaning the pitch and diameter are the same.
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