42 Grand Banks morph?

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May 2, 2013
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Good Vibrations
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Grand Banks Classic 42
I'm still looking for a trawler and have zeroed in on a used 42 Grand Banks but am concerned about the mild steel fuel tanks and the teak deck maintenance. Is there a trawler with similar look to the GB 42 with fiberglass decks and aluminum fuel tanks?
Not sure why as according to anecdotal evidence they appear long lived http://www.trawlerforum.com/forums/s32/replacing-my-teak-deck-after-47-years-10928.html You could always look for a 42 with bad decks and have them glassed if that is your thing. A 42 with bad decks would probably be ready for tanks as it is typically deck leaks that cause the failures for the most part on those iron tanks. Should get a good price on one in that condition too.

I've heard of GB's where the owners fiber glassed the decks, perhaps you can buy one of those. Good luck in your search.
I dont know your budget, age range, etc. but:

42 Hatteras LRC's have glass decks and tanks.
42 Californian?
GB Morph

Or you could take a look at a GB that has sound teak decks and rust free tanks.
The key to maintaining the decks, and protecting the top of the tanks, is to pay attention to the seams and bungs (plugs). The bungs are easy to deal with the seams a little more challenging. I've let the pros maintain my deck seams and I stay on top of the bungs. The other, maybe more important, source of water intrusion are the deck fills; these need to be inspected and re-bedded if necessary. I had a quality boatyard re-bed ours when we bought her, not very expensive and provided peace of mind.
Our '91 is on the market, come take a look.
YW link: 1991 Grand Banks Heritage Classic Power Boat For Sale - Boats for Sale, New and Used Boats and Yachts - YachtWorld.com
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Thanks for reply and info! Are you original owner of the '91 and can you tell me why you are selling?
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