32" Tollycraft 350 engines and velvet drive tranny's

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What exactly are you trying to do?
I bought my boat at a steel it is in great shape, the engines and tranny's are brand new with 0 hours but the person who installed them did not finish the job so I have two new engines and tranny's that need the carbs, exhaust, wiring and cooling system hooked up
Go to the Tollycraft owner's website. There are many there who have successfully lived your re-power experience. Also, find out who the Tolly dealer was in your area, my guess is there are several good Tolly experts very close to you. Go by the book on elevations for risers and exhaust systems.*And "close enough" may not be good enough. Your boat sounds neat - the Tolly 32 repowered properly is a big hit still in the PNW.
Thank you the crusader site helped me understand a lot of the wiring, and controls not so much for the cooling system but a great start thanks again.
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