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1981 Cheermen Marine PT-38 Europa Sedan Trawler, $62,500, Seattle

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Oct 12, 2007
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
1981 PT-38 Trawler
We will be selling "Liberty" this year. Now is the perfect time for a new owner to get out for the summer season and "Liberty" is ready to go. Survey for our insurance carrier performed last summer, with minimal corrections called out.
Single engine: Lehman 120hp. Side Power Bow and Stern Thrusters.
Center full berth forward, second stateroom with bunks. One head with tub/shower
Lower helm with Compass, Simrad NSS9 Chart Plotter, Garmin Fish Finder, Furuno 24 mile Radar, ComNav Auto Pilot, (2) ICOM VHF Radios, Hydraulic Steering
Fly Bridge with Bimini and cover, Helm Seat, plus (2) additional
Fly Bridge Helm with Simrad NSS 7 Chart Plotter, Garmin GPS, Garmin Fish Finder, ICOM Remote Mic, Com Nav A/P
Galley with Magic Chef 3-Burmer Propane, Double Sink, Isotherm AC/DC Over/Under Refrigerator/Freezer
AB 280 Rigid Bottom Inflatable with 8hp Yamaha on Weaver Davit Manual Hydraulic System
We have cruised "Liberty" since 2000 and have ranged as far as Princess Louisa and Campbell River/Desolation, but in prior ownership she sailed San Francisco to SE Alaska.
Many upgrades over our 24 years of ownership.
Photos and survey available
Marty Oppenheimer
Mobile 206-321-1234
Always felt these were nicely laid out boats - how many hours on that FL120? any other sig upgrades? Glassed over any old teak decking or just kept undercover? Home port and possibility of transferable moorage?
We love the layout. So many Tri-Cabins out there, but we appreciate the large salon.
The hours on the tach show less than 3,000.
Survey as of last summer.
Most of our upgrades are in the listing, but new windlass, both bow & stern thrusters, radios, chart plotters, radar, A/P, Isotherm, galley faucet, tub faucet, flybridge configuration (seats, bimini, windscreen), Weaver davit system. Bottom paint and zincs last summer. The fuel tanks are nearly full and I brought someone in 2 years ago to filter and clean the tanks . . . then we filled them!
Still have the teak decks, but we've been undercover for the 24 years, as was the prior owner. But when we're out (up to 5 weeks) we've never experienced a deck leak.
Theoretically the home port is St Helens OR, but we're in Seattle and that is where we keep her. We're at McGinnis Marina, just inside the Ballard Locks, so fresh water. I don't know that I can guarantee it, but I am fairly certain the marina owner would be happy to have the slip transferred to a new owner. There are some empty slips at the marina!
Where are you located?
Are you interested in discussing or viewing our trawler?
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