12 digit Hull Number Location??

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Robert Mach

Jan 21, 2022
Help! I need to find the Grand Banks 12 digit hull number on my boat. Know where the 6 digit "unique number" is located on the engine room bulkhead, but where is the 12 digit hull number?
Robert Mach:blush:
On the transom, starboard side just under the deck hull seam. If there is one. Many boats get modified and or repaired in this area. When that happens the HIN is usually not added back.
Thanks. Took a look back there, couldn't see or feel anything if I rubbed my hand across fiberglass. Mine is a 42 foot motoryacht if that makes any difference.
There may be a second hidden HIN. Manufacturers are only supposed to disclose the location to LE.
On my '79 36 it is under the swim platform on the starboard side. Just above the boot top.

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How old is the boat? Manufacturers didn’t have to have them until, I believe, 1972.
If it is there, as mentioned, always on the right hand side of the stern…could be up high or down low.
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