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Originally Posted by SalishSeaCHB View Post
Hi All, I am having an issue with my upper help temperature gauge. The boat is 1980 34 CHB with a 120 Ford Lehman. For the past number of years the upper help gauge hasn't worked so I picked up a Sierra 80590P and finally installed it see

When the engine is running the gauge reads all the way to the left (temp sub 120). I tested the sender lead and it seems to be working. I am guessing I purchased the wrong gauge, any ideas?

Pictures of gauges here
A Lehman 120 has only one port for a temp gauge. For two helms a dual station sender MUST be used and it MUST be matched to the gauges (ohm range matched to gauge range). Sorry to say but the gauge you purchased likely can never be made to work. VDO makes dual station gauges with a matching dual station sender. I learned the hard way. The VDOs read pretty close to engine temp as measured by infrared gun at the thermostat at the base of the FL120 header tank.
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