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Originally Posted by marco View Post
I own this trawler since 2005 I bought her in Cannes France. I live near Florence and I cruise Mediterranean sea between Corse, Sardinia and Tuscany coast.In Italy this kind of boats are rare I did not find anyone to talk abaut. My boat named Nike is powered by two Ford Faryman 135hp I cruise at 1900rph and my speed is 7,6 knots at GPS,at 2600rph I reach the maximum speed of 10 knot.Becouse I heard similar boats reach 12 knot I'd know if someone of you own same boat same power has the same results. Perhaps I have propeller too light.Waiting for news,by evryone.
Hello Marco,

Good to see you flying the Island Gypsy flag in your part of the world, and a nice part of the world it is.

Your boat sounds similar to mine except that my Fords were marinised by Lehman, and are rated at 120hp, the boat being a 1981 build.However that is neither here nor there in regard to running the boat.

Most of the Lehman owners on the forum tend to run their boats at around 1650-1800 rpm as this seems to give the optimum performance and economy. I think it is fair to say that the single engine boats tend to operate at slightly higher rpm than their twin counterparts.

There is a good archive section in the forum which discusses this further and I would recommend you have trawl through there as there is some good information about engine speed and fuel efficiency. I have to say running my boat at anything over 1850rpm for an extended period of time is something I would not do on a regular basis, given the strain it puts on these type of older engines, and the resultant excessive increase in fuel consumption for very little increase in performance.

You may be right about your props though, on boats like twin IG 36's, 1900rpm should give you about 8.5 knots over ground.

How about some photo's of 'Nike' and your part of the world.
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