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Final Inverter Update

Okay I am in good shape at this point. I replaced the three 8D house batteries that the inverter draws off of. The one 8D that had to be lifted up 2 feet to get onto its angle iron platform position was a lot of work and a really tight fit. We rigged up a car floor jack with a piece of 2 x 6 on top of it and pumped the battery up into position. A little shaky but done / done on the house batteries - better yet no injuries.

The Electrician and I went after the inverter bypass switch and determined the GA electrician was correct the bypass switch needs to be in the AC Main position when on shore power so that the inverter can get power for its charger. The Inverter switch on the AC panel at lower helm is a little mislabeled and should be called the "inverter load" switch because all it does is allow up to 30 amps to go to the inverter loads and or isolates the inverter loads. It has nothing to do with controlling power to the inverter.

We ran some continuity checks from the inverter bypass barrel switch to the inverter to ensure we had line in and line out correct and then hooked up new Victron inverter. The electrician hooked all the inverter wires to a covered terminal block and then properly went to the inverter with enough slack to properly tie off with zip ties. Of course the Xantrex AC terminal block and the Victron AC terminal block are in different locations so the wires would have had to grow about 6" to make a safe no strain connection with strain relief. Good safe installation. She immediately, while the boat was on SP, took to charging and the Victron reported out to my iPhone that the batteries were Absorbing power and then after a day they went to a float / Storage position. Everything is working great regarding the inverter and batteries.

It has been an adventure getting this straightened out and trust me I know the date the 8Ds were installed. I will try to make them last as long as possible.

Newport RI
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