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The overhang is a slight issue - but I quickly got used to it and slept just fine. (Though Iím only 6í). The curve above your head is well rounded, so even those couple times I hit it were not painful. We had a couple bean bag seats the kids used in the salon, and stored them under the overhang when not sleeping. This created a very comfortable backrest when we wanted to lounge in bed and read or enjoy our coffee. In regards to the hull slap, it was never an issue for us - and less than some boats Iíve been on. It has to do with the existence of a hard chine and how far above the waterline it is. On the 350/390 it actually is fairly high near the bow - which helps. Every boat has compromises. The 390 is a great all around SD trawler style boat. And yes, the 350 and 390 are nearly identical as others have discussed. I shopped both extensively before buying our 390.
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