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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
Random interjection, because thatís what I do:

I have a Balmar Duo Charge, but I donít know why. It came with the boat.

My thruster works off the house bank. I have a separate start battery. All batteries are AGM. I have a 100amp Balmar alternator. What does this Duo Charge do?

(Now back to Dhays original problem)

We can only guess. If it isnít connected, then it isnít doing anything. ;-)

My guess would be that your charging sources go to the house bank. The Duo Charge then charges your start battery from the house bank. When there is a charge current to the house bank that raises the voltage above a given threshold (I donít remember what that is) then the Duo Charge will send up to 30 amps of charging current to your start battery.

This keeps your start battery charged up.

It should be easy to tell. There are two fused wires on the Duo Charge. One will go to the house bank and the other to the battery that is being charged by it.

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