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RE: Tipping a dockhand

xfedex wrote:
This is promted by a letter *to the editor in Passagemake Mag*this month. A guy on the east coast encourages us to tip marina employees who help your vessel into the dock. I do not tip and hope others resist.*I plan on getting in to the dock without help from shore.

*I appriciate help from anyone who knows what they are doing; but to make*tipping*a regular thing rubs me the wrong way. I would be interested in what you all think of this.
*Ok fine... So you don't want to tip the help... then don't, but don't encourage others not to. It's our money. What reason would you possibly have to discourage us to not tip?

We tip when we get really good help with docking and an certainly when an employee goes above and beyond thier duties. If you don't want help getting into your slip is up to you. In challenging conditions, we like to ask for help and at one where we have stayed, the dockmaster wanted to help everyone rather than have anyone crash into other boats or his dock. You must have never been at a marina with bad dockhands before because we have, and until you have bad ones,the good ones (especially the really good ones) you won't appreciate. I can tell you that tipping them pay dividens in the future.
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