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Originally Posted by bligh View Post
That is a sweet davit system. How do you keep your dink from flopping all around in heavy seas, especially if your trawler is rolling? I took my davit system off because the dinghy was flailing all around if my boat was rolling. My davits weren't as heavy duty as yours, but I did notice quite a bit of movement where the dinghy would work itself side to side and I was sure something would give way or a pontoon would get chaffed through. Maybe I need to relocate the lifting eyes to create more of an angle side to side to prevent my dinghy from swaying.
The dink naturally sits in the curve of the davit. I also use cross ratchet straps to suck it in nice and tight when I am on open ocean. Most of the time it just hangs and I can have it off and in the water in 3 minutes or less.
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