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As someone who has lived on both coasts of Florida (now Jupiter north of West Palm beach and Anna Maria Island/Bradenton south of St. Pete in the 90's) I prefer living on the West Coast. I prefer boating on the East Coast. Moved to SFL after 7 years in Manhattan about 6 years ago. Rented for a year in Hollywood Florida which is in-between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. A year was enough of that nonsense. Moved as far north as I could and still get to my Fort Lauderdale office most days. The further north you go on this coast the more "normal" it gets.

One thing not talked about is the business environment. Give me NYC business any day of the week. Especially when talking about Miami. My experience with Miami has been that it is a cesspool of under the table, scratch my back I scratch yours, back stabbing, low lifes in the business world. Don't know what business you are in but that's what it is all about down there. somewhat better in Fort Lauderdale. That and cheaper is better. Want to sell your product/service? Just come in cheaper. Alll you need to do. Quality is irreleevant. Just my opinion though. but one formed through working in the major markets on both coasts.

Someone mentioned staying north of West Palm and I completely agree. Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Vero, Melbourne, etc. Housing very reasonable and some nice areas and dock space for $10-$14 not a problem.
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