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RE: Trawler Information...DeFever vs. Island Gypsy vs. Cheoy Lee

Thanks for your input Tucker. Obviously, you are right about the DeFevers. I believe most of his 1980's cruiser/trawler style boats in the 44-48 range were built in Taiwan by a couple of different yards--at least that's my understanding.

I think the Cheoy Lee and Island Gypsy/K&H of that period were mostly Hong Kong area yards. My sensing, from articles and online comments,*is that these more established*Hong Kong yards probably had better quality control than the Taiwan yards. That said some of the brands having boats built in Taiwan (namely Marine Trading, Albin, and DeFever) did have on-site engineers and QC staff at the Taiwan factories. Its also my understanding that by the time the 80's had rolled around consolidation and oversight meant the Taiwan yards were producing a much more consistent quality boat than they did in the 60's and 70's.

Given that*maintenance is the key factor, but assuming the same maintenance regimen over the years how would you rank the key*trawler brands from the 80's (GB, CHB, Cheoy Lee, Marine Trader, Albin, DeFever [Taiwan yard boats like the 44's, 48' and 49' RPH]?
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