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You and your wife need to really sit down and weigh all the pros and cons. You are dealing with a job available potentially in a more expensive area and a lot of uncertainty versus staying where you are with the uncertainty of not having a job. You have to weigh a lot of what-if's such as what if the job doesn't work out and what if you can't find a job in Cary. How do you feel about moving from the area you've always lived in. How long you can go without a job in NC and what is the likelihood of finding something where you are. What if the job in FL didn't work out, where then would you want to be.

Many would say just go for it. I'm not one of those many. I would say trust your instincts and "when in doubt, don't." If you have reservations trust them. Also, if you and your wife go in having serious doubts, not truly comfortable with the decision, you may just be creating a self fulfilling prophecy.
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