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Fresh water tanks, BPA and cancer..??

My wife is a breast cancer survivor and as such now takes any and all precautions to try to prevent it's return.

One area that is far from clear is the effect of BPA, a harmful synthetic estrogen. It is used widely in plastics such as:


The BPA is not stable in these plastics and any abrasion to the surface will leach BPA into whatever is contained within. The effects are not yet fully known but there is "some" evidence that even small amounts of BPA can have an adverse effect especially with hormone led cancer, and if you can avoid it then why not...!!! Lets face it the scientists of the day a few hundred years ago thought lead plates were fine to eat off...!!!

BPA plastic is banned in baby products (bottles, food containers etc) in the USA, Australia and here in the UK as well as other places so there is more evidence that it's not such a great idea to expose yourself to it...

So the dilema is, what are "plastic" Fresh water holding tanks made of, the ones on Defender I can find, are PVC, about the worst plastic going, not only does it contain BPA but the manufacture of PVC creates dioxin, a potent carcinogen that contaminates humans, animals and the environment. It also contains phthalates to soften it. These have been linked to male reproductive problems and birth defects.

On the other hand the wastewater holding tanks are made of polyethylene, one of the safest plastics going...!!!!

I know there are lots of ways to avoid drinking water from holding tanks anyway, just wondered if anyone had any ideas about this...

You can't filter or boil BPA from water...

We are not fanatical about all this, heck there are 1001 ways to meet your maker but BPA was made as a synthetic estrogen a long time before someone found it was good in plastic and estrogen is exactly what my good lady is trying to avoid to keep the dreaded cancer at bay...

Pete & Deb
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