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Anchor chain pileup 39 Californian

I'm relatively new to my 2001 39' Californian. After marking the chain I noticed the chain would pileup in the initial forepeak chain locker before it would make its way down to the large locker under the V birth. The sheer angle of the bow being close to 45 degrees creates a lot of drag on the chain when pulling in the chain. Obviously a straight drop from above the Vberth into the chain locker would be best but not too comfy of an arrangement for someone sleeping in the Vberth. I'm thinking of doing some sort of re-routing to ease the friction issue on chain against hull. Has anyone come up with a solution for this? The chain locker under the Vberth is fairly substantial. Would sure like to be able to make adequate use of it. I'm using 320' of 5/16

Thanks !!!
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