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Mansfield Plumbing introduced the VacuFlush toilet in 1978 (spun off their marine toilet division to a startup called SeaLand Technology in 1984) hasn't changed enough to notice except cosmetically since then. It was the first electric marine toilet designed to use fresh water from the onboard potable water system, didn't need 1-3 gallons/flush, drew less than 30-50 amps, and didn't make enough noise to wake the dead.

But that all changed in the early '90s when Raritan Engineering and Jabsco introduced the first macerating electric toilets designed to use pressurized fresh water from potable water supply and only needed 1-2 liters/flush, drew only 10-15 amps and were actually quiet. Soon afterward Wilcox Crittenden (no longer in business) began importing Tecma toilets, made by an Italian toilet mfr...and Tecma stood the marine toilet industry on its ear. Instead of toilet pumps that could only move bowl contents about 6', Tecma toilets have pumps that can move bowl contents 90 linear METERS or 30 vertical METERS! I remember asking a W-C technician how any pump could be that powerful without blowing the discharge hose off the toilet....he answered, "I dunno why, but it can." Every mfr "downshifted" into designing a toilet to compete with it...even SeaLand felt they had to compete and quickly introduced a private label version of a French clone of the Tecma that they call the MasterFlush.

Raritan designed their own...the Atlantes, available in both sea water and pressurized fresh water versions. The Marine Elegance, designed specifically to use pressurized fresh water, was next...with a year or two it began being consistently rated the best electric macerating toilet on the market...and still is. It's also the quietest toilet on the planet. Jabsco came along with their Quiet Flush series but the only thing it has in common with the Tecma, Atlantes and Elegance is a one piece all china bowl and pedestal.

A MAJOR advantage to macerating electric toilets is, all the "works" are in the pedestal instead of remote from the bowl in the bilge. And they offer multiple flush options--bring in flush water only, dry flush, low water flush and "full" flush. Raritan's "SeaFresh" system, which allows switching between fresh water and sea water flush can be added to their Atlantes Freedom and Elegance toilets.

The VacuFlush is a good system...It was the toilet on my last two boats. If that was the system already installed on a boat I was considering buying, I'd be glad to have it...but I wouldn't install another myself because today's macerating electric toilet technology is superior to it...and for a lower price.

And now you know more about the history of electric toilets than you prob'ly wanted to know...but if not, I'll be glad to answer questions.
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