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I have 8 90 watt panels and a wind turbine 400 watts @ 30 knots pushing 10 GC batteries for 1175 amps, usable 500 amps max. Controlled by Outback. 3 Engles @ 2.5 amps each @ 12v I figger they run 40-60% of the time.

If we want hot water or AC then the generator gets fired up. So far, no complaints but I really do not know anything exact. Just mounted, but not wired a Xnantrex Link Pro. Then I will be able to put my good eye on it. I would love to get rid of the turbine and lower my air draft, this meter will show how much it is worth to me.

Overall attitude on solar, VERY positive. So much so that I think the country should start covering roofs everywhere. I have seen by the pallet prices for panels @ $.65 a watt. 1 new power plant sure will pay for a lot of solar.
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