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Feeling good

Well, just like with our last sailboat, the right boat has found us. Our offer has been accepted, and now the joy of actually trying to buy it. It's a boat I have often looked at and said, "I wish that one would be for sale," and suddenly it was. At a reasonable, fair price.

It's an older Tawain Trawler, but well used. The owners have put 500 hours on the engine in the last two years. So much of what we have seen has been boats that have been sitting. In fact, I had to wait to have the wife see it till after the owners got back from a weekend cruise. I've done the "abandoned boat" thing with my last sail boat, and I'm not doing it again...

This one is ready to go. Not that it doesn't have project potential (don't they all) but we can toss our toothbrushes on it and head out. Very exciting.

Turns out the surveyor I want to use broke his leg. Bummer. Now if I can only schedule the other guy...
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