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Originally Posted by Jeffrey S View Post

If I were looking right now, I'd also consider working with a broker who specializes in trawlers. I especially like Judy Walden (JW Yachts) who has really only done trawlers for about 20 years.

Judy Waldman.

Didn't want him searching on Walden Pond.

I do echo all you said. There is a wide range of potentially good boats for his purpose of which the two mentioned are certainly among the best.

i think Trawlerfest will be very beneficial as would either the Miami or West Palm Boat show in the spring, but given the choice of just one, I'd tend toward Trawlerfest, but then I'd combine it with some further looking in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

You're searching for two things. A home. A boat. In one. So it's very important to consider the requirements of both. Where do you want to cruise? How many will be on board? Who is living aboard? How fast do you want to go? How far offshore? Off the beaten path? What is most important? Hundreds of factors as you develop your own personal requirements and then find the boat that best meets them.
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