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On the advice of our broker, when we made an offer on the boat we own today in the PNW, we made the offer contingent upon three things.

1. The boat was what the seller was representing it to be-- a stock Grand Banks 36 with no wierd mofications or other changes that made the boat not what we expected it to be (we had not seen the boat yet, we only had the selling broker's pre-listing spec sheet).

2. The boat was satisfactory on our own checkout and inspection and sea trial.

3. The boat did well on the hull/systems and engine/generator surveys we would have done at our expense, with no unexpected major problems discovered.

Only if these three conditions were met were we committed to honoring our offer.

It should be noted that the seller was eager to sell the boat because he'd just bought a nearly-new GB46 (our offer had been transmitted to him as he was driving his boat to Alameda, CA from Vanvouver, BC) and he didn't want to own two boats. So his selling price was very reasonable given the age of the boat. So we were very happy with the price he was asking, as long as the three conditions above were met

The seller agreed to our conditions and we went down to California to proceed with our inspection, sea trial, and surveys.
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