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Newbie Questions PNW

Thanks for the welcome page. Ever since visiting Orcas Island in the PNW last year, I have been struck with boat fever. The more I research the more I like trawlers. I have been reading books and researching trawlers on the internet. I live 200 miles south of Portland Oregon, so I do not get to check out the big ports very often, but when the wife and I do, we like to check out the brokerages. My problem is, we have never been out on a trawler other than charter tuna fishing. My dream is to retire in 5-7 years and trawl the PNW. Concerns we have are; will we enjoy ourselves; will we get bored; can I slow down to “trawler speed of life”; will we be comfortable; ect? We would like to spend a few days on one and see. I hate to spend 5k on a charter boat for a week. (That’s almost enough for mooring and insurance for a year on your own boat.) My question is: Is there a forum or a way to contact owners to become a “guest or crew” for a few days? I live so far from the coast and do not have contacts with trawler owners to just hang out and get a ride. Also, what would be a fair offer to be a guest or crew on a boat? Would paying for fuel, mooring and food (Dine in and out) sound fair? Labor trade? I know a boat is personal possession and with tight quarters, sharing it with others may not be for all.

A little about us:

We are in our late fifties, non smokers, good health, able bodied, professionals. We have owned small sailboats, aluminum boats, and 22ft cuddy cab baylinner. I have 30 years experience as a dealership automotive technician specializing in electronic diagnostics. My wife crewed and sailed the Caribbean in the 80’s.

As far as buying a boat, I am thinking of a displacement trawler, 36’, fiberglass hull, 60-120hp single diesel, 1980’s-1990’s, 50k-75k. Does this sound about right? Big enough to be comfortable, small enough for affordable mooring, insurance, docking ability, and fuel wise. Is a single engine that size steerable at the docks? Dose the fuel savings on a double ender style stern make up for the lost space? Thanks for reading the long post and any feedback would be appreciated.
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