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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
Yep, I came in Depoe Bay once on a fishing trip, not me at the helm. Ay yi yi! And it was a pretty nice day supposedly. Rudy Inlet in Virginia has many similarities, another white knuckled even when you are a passenger and the guy at the helm has done it a hundred times. Tillamook has been a certified killer. It is not unusual for the CG to close the bar on a number of those Oregon inlets. Did you know we have an Oregon Inlet here in NC? Can be nasty and has a serious shoaling problem, leads to from major sport and commercial fishing grounds.
Oregon type bar in NC???...Naw, that sissy water in NC... .....
Which inlet is it? I heard mention in a conversation of a place in NC like you describe but don't remember the location. Just remember it surprised me cause I wasn't aware of anything like that in NC.
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