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I have done a tank replacement on a GB 36 myself. It was a single engine boat but I don’t see a lot of difference of doing the job on a twin. The engines are more or less forward of the tanks so getting the old tanks out piece by piece is no big deal. It’s a little bit of a big deal to empty then cut the tanks up but it is totally manageable. Took me, working by myself about 3 hrs each to cut out the tanks … and 20 sawzall blades! My tanks were nearly full of course, so I bought a 175gal tote off Craigslist and was able to pump the fuel out of the tanks and install the new tanks one side at a time. The tanks pumped nearly dry due to the shape. A gross of bilge mats was handy to have. I had 4 tanks built to replace the original two so installed 2 tanks each side in a pancake design. It worked out great and didn’t lose any tankage. I have lots of pics of the job and am happy to share. I might even still have the drawings & specs of the new tanks. Send a PM if you want/need more details.
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