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"non-marine" computer equipment


I'm just getting my feet wet with NMEA gateways, etc to pull data from my existing instruments to a PC or Pi and ultimately to openCPN. I'd like to start simply by setting up a wireless network on the boat. I would like to place the router on the flybridge (this is a Mainship 40), under the helm station (an unfinished, but dry space with no splashing where lots of electronics and wiring already reside (e.g., course computer). Equipment that may find its way under there is the router, maybe an ethernet switch, maybe a voltage regulator...). All of these are easily available, but none is "marine rated" or if it is I don't want to spend crazy money. There's the electrical equipment itself, plus connectors, cables, etc. The question for people who have done similar setups on their boats, are you using "regular" electronics from Amazon, Best Buy, etc? I would never use non-marine wiring anywhere else on the boat, so this gives me pause. It would be one thing to have the equipment go down, but another to cause something more extreme (electrical I being alarmist?).

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