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Originally Posted by Hippocampus View Post
At one time Lloyd’s required a model to be made before insuring a vessel. Have a friend who collects those. Many of them are available for viewing at the New Bedford whaling museum. He explained the work involved to loft them after scaling down the size and the meticulous work involved in building them.
So my hat is off to you. Curious as to how many hours it took?

That's a good question, I really don't know.
We built the real ship for 3 years, before and after the permanent job.
The model was built when I felt like it, it also lay still for several years.
After an operation, I was in the sickness law for two months and I finished the model.
It's in the living room under a glass case and I can dream away when I look at the model.
Many images come up, the building of the real ship and the many beautiful trips that we have already been able to make.


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