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Jefferson Ker Shine stanchions

The survey of the boat we are in the process of buying revealed "elevated" moisture levels near some if not most of the stanchion bases as well as the two forward cleats. One of the major issues is access to the nuts on the interior to remove and re-bed the bases. 90 percent are hidden behind teak or other cabinet panels.

Question, does anyone have experience removing the panels and cabinets to get behind them? How are they attached? Can they be removed and reinstalled without damage or will this entail new wood?

The boat was built in 1995 and though the problem is not immediate it is something we will have to deal with eventually. None of the deck is soft and I want to fix the problem before it grows.


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Have a 1986 Jefferson 45. My rail stanchions are screwed in. Have removed railing for painting and fuel tanks replacement , I had to remove rail from step to back deck to opening. If I found any soft wood/bad area I would drill larger hole fill with six-ten expoxie then drill the right hole and install a new screw ,would put sealant under base and put back on. Like you I was wondering how to get to the underside if bolted in. Hope this help. Pm me if you need anything more.

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With a similar problem, I cleaned up any damaged core (old, small allen key on a drill), epoxied up, then redrilled and inserted ss helicoils to accept 1/4 x 20 bolts. Rock solid.

Search Maintenance archives for "Blind Stanchion Base Repair" - TFers got me through it - lots of approaches and info.
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