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Jefferson owners or knowledgable mechanics

Is your shower drain (master or guest or both) connected to a 1 1/2" hose that connects to the gray water sump and then is pumped overboard or is it connected to a 3/4" hose that routes to a suction-type pump that outputs overboard separately from the sump?

Every other boat I've ever seen has an inch or inch and a half hose connected to the drain and it routes to the gray water sump.

We have a 52' cockpit MY. Same design as the 48' but with a cockpit. I have been unable to find an access panel to get underneath the shower to the hose connected to the drain. However, I have found where it routes through a hole in the stringer. This is about a foot and a half downstream from the drain. There is a white "sanitation type" hose passing through the stringer but there is a 3/4" hose coming out of it. The 3/4" hose is connected to a Whale Gulper pump that sits on a loose, detached board. The output of the Gulper is then routed overboard through a series of patched and elbowed hoses.

I disconnected the 3/4" hose going into the Gulper, laid it in the sump, and turned on the shower. The water drained very slowly but that's probably expected for only a 3/4" hose. I would like to cut the Gulper out of the loop, if possible.

Anyone with detailed knowledge of Jefferson plumbing and how the shower is hooked up or how to access the underside of the shower drain?

Thanks in advance.


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I just wouldn't want a 3/4 inch hose anywhere in my shower drain system. Just a little soap scum, a little hair and not a great deal of "drop" is a mess in the making.

Unless your shower drain is above the waterline you will need some type of pump to get the grey water overboard. Many boats have a small "collection" basin of a gallon or so capacity with a bilge pump and float in the container, a non water tight lid or a hole in the side wall of the container allows the overflow to flow into the bilge in the case where the enclosed pump can not keep up, like if you use a bath tub and pull the cork at the end of the bath.

Whatever your setup, get rid of the small hose.


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No detailed Jefferson info here.

I doubt the Gulper is the problem. If it is actually a Gulper the pump is a
type of diaphragm pump which should be excellent at the job as it can pass all kinds of junk that a vane or impeller pump would choke on.

I agree that if the outlet from the boat is higher than the shower pan then you need a pump.

I looked up the WHale Gulpers and guess yours might be the 320. It looks like the outlet fitting is for 3/4" hose AND 1" hose. You can change up to a 1". Take a look at the pump fittings. Usually the smaller one is simply cut off so the bigger hose can then be used.
Even if all you can change up to is the hose between the shower pan and the pump

*****The output of the Gulper is then routed overboard through a series of patched and elbowed hoses.*****

All those fittings are an invitation to trouble and all of them themselves create back pressure or restriction especially any elbows. Change the hose and keep the fittings to an absolute minimum with sweeps, not sharp 90o s. Even 2 x 45o elbows in tandem would be better than one sharp 90o.

Maybe the slow draining is from a clog in the pipe before the pump. Pumps generally push better than they pull. Try cleaning the hose out or simply replace it if you can with a 1".

Try a small plumbing snake to clear out what you have and then run water through it with the pump.

If you do go for the 1" from a 3/4" hose you may also need to replace the through hull.

When using the pump don't shut it off immediately when the shower is finished. Allow it some extra water to flush the system so junk doesn't dry and then stick. Likely only a small amount will be needed. You may not even need to flush at each use but every few and definitely before leaving the boat for more than a few days.

I hate to say it but you would not be the first to need to MAKE an access hatch.

DO you know which through hull is the discharge? If not then find out before going to much farther. Once you KNOW then you may be able to back track the hose path.
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