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Trawler fridge expensive?

And I was thinking that boat fridge were way too expensive


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No it's just another government thing, you can get the same thing at Walmart for $150.00

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I assume that the contingency of feeding the crew and passengers for some weeks would only occur if the s**t hit the fan.

That's what MREs are for. Good enough for corporal Jones, good enough for the perfumed princes.
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You can buy a whole, flyable, used 747 for less than the cost of those two refrigerators.
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The article has me confused.

There is not a single plane called "Air Force One"

I thought "Air Force One" was the call sign for whatever airplane the President was flying in, as there are two identical planes in the fleet.

I wonder if we are looking at refrigerators for both planes?

This is not a political statement, but merely an attempt an humor: Perhaps it would be cheaper to fit the planes with a McDonald kiosk instead, given the President's fondness for fast food!

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After reading through the contracts, at least I understand what is being purchased with the chillers.

Incidentally, the is one of the smaller contracts.
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Just read where US gov. ordered new refrigeration for Air Force One at cost of $24M! Thats a lot of boat bucks!
Richard S.
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Mr. nw. You must have read post #1 (above)...


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