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An engine break down in an inconvenient place and time can be trivialized if it has not happened to you and is not very common. It is a little like a cancer that only affects 50 out of a thousand until you or some one close has a lab test comes back positive. From that point on you and those around you no longer trivialize that body break down. I suspect a lot of the bravado regarding things like engine break down and weathering hurricanes at sea would get more respect from people who experienced it.
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[QUOTE "But this notion of both engines in a twin (or the one engine in a single) experiencing a shutdown because of fuel is, in my opinion, more of an armchair theory than something that happens in reality, certainly in a region like the PNW/BC coast where the fuel from the suppliers seems universally clean."[/QUOTE]

Maybe in the protected waters of the PNW it's not a problem but in my experience of cruising the Sea of Cortez where a Baja Filter was in most boat's inventory, it was. Also, cruddy, mucky fuel tanks are not only possible but more prevalent than one would think. You have to experience some rough water, however, before you get a clue that your tanks bottoms may be suspect. No, fuel starvation because of contaminants is not a myth.
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Originally Posted by High Wire View Post
Anchor somewhere safe and out of the way first, then Plan A would be #2 (fix it myself). Plan B would be get towed to where I could get the engine fixed. Plan C would be to break out the blue poly tarps and plywood and become a squatter where-is.
For me, a lot of the time, the approach of anchoring and/or calling for a tow would be fine. There will be occasions when I'm on parts of the Pacific Coast where neither is an option. Those times would be my bigger concern. Still, I'm not ruling out a single engine.

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Originally Posted by windmill29130 View Post
Ok, y'all have convinced me to look for a four engine trawler, a backup for each main. Now who makes and sells one?

Here you go...
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Short Sunderland

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eyschulman I agree with you! If i had a single I would want a get home of some kind. I think that Great Harbour Trawlers has it right.
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Twins = Complete set spare parts for the one that did not breakdown.

Unless, of course... same part fails on the still running engine!

Kidding aside... I had singles, they are OK too. But, I love having twins!

In our Tolly (planing hull - another thing I love):

Used correctly -

Twins can deliver good speeds [16/17 knots] at mid range rpm with a relatively reasonable 1 gph. And, we can do 21+ knots if need be

They can cruise us slowly [6.5 to 7 knots] at lower rpm for a pretty good 2 mpg.

And, to go even slower with darn good mpg one can being shut down... as we putts along at 5 +/- knots on the other = 2.75 to 3 mpg

Similar to singles... If you keep the twins in good repair there is not much breakdown that occurs, so major-repair expense can be pretty much avoided. Of course; oil changes, new impellers and things like that are double up cost. But how much we talking about here... a couple hundred bucks extra per year to service twins. Well worth what twins offer in capabilities... with a planning hull that is!!

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