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Northwest Passage 2015

Tony Webester a local boat broker from Paynesville Victoria Australian and a bloody nice guy has posted his story of his sailing adventure through the Northwest Passage great read and photos I'm sure everyone will enjoy

Northwest Passage 2015 - Webster Marine

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Mr. g. WHEW! Thanks very much for that but no thanks...Way too adventurous for THIS boater who finds navigating through the maze of our equivalent to your Woolworths challenging enough.

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Great story.
I think I had read the first part a couple years ago, when they had to leave the boat. That sort of dampened my desire, but the last 8 months of hot weather has made me start to think...

I do wonder about a few things. A sail boat doesn't seem that well suited to me. I wonder why their radar was not more effective. I can adjust my old Raymarine to see wave tops. Also, I only travel with the range at 6 nm when I am in the middle of the ocean and don't expect to see anything.
In busy, or close waters, I keep it between 1/2 m to 1.5 nm depending. What's the point of seeing what could take a hour to hit?

I'm now thinking again of avoiding the Indian ocean and there are only two ways to do that. I do think that the Northeast Passage above Russia will be more ice free in general.
But I'd need to find a Russian who wants to do this trip.
I'll have to think about the abrasiveness of ice. I'd need another paint job. Back to Ireland I suppose!

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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