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Let's talk about fishing rigs

I'd like to learn more about what works and doesn't work for fishing from an ~40' boat with cockpit and/or the ubiquitous 10' +/- RIB dinghy.

I don't mean baits, locations, etc. but rather how you use downriggers, trolling setups, bottom fishing setups, and so on.

For reference my current setup is a 10'6" fiberglass hull rib, with a euro helm and downrigger mount on the rail of the helm seat. The big boat has rod holder mounts, but nothing else on the transom. This all came with the boat and I haven't used it other than to install and test the equipment.

For other reasons we will be buying a new dinghy so much of my curiosity is what works best from the dinghy. I'm thinking a helm takes up a lot of room with two people trying to fish so I may be better off with a tiller steer. Is this correct? In the past I've spent countless days fishing from small tiller steer aluminum jon boats.

I've seen downrigger mounts for RIB gunwales, but wonder how well they work? Or should I skip the downrigger and use jet divers? I guess the big boat is pretty straightforward assuming you can troll slow enough.

What is everyone's experience? What works and what doesn't work? What is your ideal setup? What would you do differently?

My fishing area of interest is PNW, mostly Alaska and BC.

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Here are my observations and methods for fishing PNW including BC and SE AK. I have a Livingston-type 9 ft hard dinghy. I have a downrigger mount on it but I've found I don't like trolling with it...not enough room and just not enough boat, especially in the ocean with a swell rolling in. I much prefer trolling on downriggers with the big boat and I have trolling valves to get the speed down. The Hatteras that I have is a purpose-built fish boat...big cockpit, low to the water and it's a treat to fish out of. With the dinghy, I have bottom fished out of it and caught a couple big halibut and ling cod which was pretty sporting being drug around but finally able to harpoon them. There are others here, Tom on ASD is one, who fish from their RIB's that have a center steering station and seem to like it. Maybe they will chime in. But my personal preference is to fish from the big boat.

Ken on Hatt Trick
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We use the Egg Harbor, with a PNW full drop down cover on the deck, and heat.
Drift fish over for halibut/lingcod. Anchor and drink (crab). Not set up for salmon as of yet, but it will have downriggers soon. Only thing I dislike is the davit system mounted on the aft. It's always in the way when fishing.
I have fished out of our old Livingston, but wont do it any more for halibut. Even a 20lb can be a pain to get in the boat in any kind of waves. And the big hooks just wont work on the rib we have now.
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Looks like the recommendations so far are to just fish from the big boat... Anyone else?
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Just a couple of questions, How serious are you about fishing? and what do you want to fish for? and where do want to fish? I.E. if you fish for Chinook on the inside and are serious about it. They tend to move from point to point and like structure, Coho not so much. Basically you can successfully fish for most salmon species off the big boat with down riggers or bottom fish with the right gear.... If you target mature Chinook a smaller boat that can get in tight to structure (like the one in my avatar) will be more successful. 90% of the Chinook over 30lbs I've caught are in less then 60ft of water and 50ft from shore or less.
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Me I'm a lazy fisherman.
What I would like to see is someone making/marketing a small trawl net that could be dropped over the stern to catch my supper as I cruise slowly along.
I know its illegal but all I want is a tasty supper.

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