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Hatch and exhaust advice

I hope I don't blow it by asking a couple of questions, but heck, it if gets some interesting discussion going, let's do it.

1st question - We need to install a ladder from the back porch up through the flush deck. This involves installing a hatch. I can't quite find the size and it is hard to tell what the opening should be without getting on another boat with a similar situation and taking some measurements. Would 24" by 24" be big enough for folks to get through comfortably? I don't think I would put the ladder through the opening without it being removable (why have a hatch cover then).

2nd question - The dry exhaust is naturally a bit loud on the upper deck, it has a slant halfway up the pipe from the base and the opening is just over 6' off the deck by a few inches. I'm tempted to raise the exhaust up, so the outlet isn't pointed(ish) at your head when you are on the deck behind it. Also - is the slant even necessary, what if it was straight up with a flapper or other way to keep the rain at bay? The sound would then be projected up.

Thanks all in advance on your experience with these things.

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Just as a point of reference for #1, safety standards for an escape hatch with corners (vs circular) is minimum of 14.5 inches on a side. Ask yourself if anything else might need to get through the hatch besides a person, like a bike, rolled-up tender or similar.

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Thanks for the reply - sounds like 24 by 24 would be pretty comfortable to get through, but I am not a wide body type either.

I though about hauling stuff up through, generally I think we would drop that stuff over the sides and use the davit booms to bring bigger stuff up. I don't like climbing ladders with my hands full, but lifting too someone may be an option. Mainly a cooler seems like the most obvious thing to move up and down.
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