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Can E15 be stopped?


I know many of us run diesels and may have a "who cares" attitude towards this mistake of a fuel, but your dinghy might be gas, and the stuff isn't so hot for your horseless carriage either.*
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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

I also fly and the aircraft I fly runs on mogas which is unleaded ethanol free fuel. Been using this in all my gas engines other than my truck (diesel). 2 years ago in Maryland I couldn't buy mogas or any ethanol free gas for that matter within 100+ miles of where I live. The airport I would go to to fill 6 5 gallon fuel cans was 140 miles away. The airport manager wasn't sure how much longer it would be available. Fast forward to this year. There are now 4 marinas within 30 miles of me that have ethanol free fuel.

IMO, unless it is against state law, the market speaks! If enough consumers express an interest, I believe you will see ethanol free automotive fuel again in the near future.

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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

After spending about $600 on my Yamaha 15 hp 4 stroke someone told me that I could buy non-ethanol gas at marinas and airports here in Florida.

1. I hope congress shoves E 15 where the Sun does not shine...similar to 4' up a bull's behind.

2. I hope if we get E 15 that marinas and airports will continue to be exempt.

3. I believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Farie.
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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

I think E15 is here to stay..unless E20 takes it's place.
*Then to be followed by E25.
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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

I will save my comments about this for OTDE.* You will have to guess how I feel about it.
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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

Fortunately the Conoco stations in my area sell "ethanol free" gas, some of the marinas do also. I use that in my outboards and other small gas engines. I am not sure how they do this
the Conoco gas is the same price as the ethanol containing fuel sold across the street.
Steve W.
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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

Isn't ethanol in gas* partof the EPA clean air law?* It replaced MTBE in the west.
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Can E15 be stopped?

Around here (NASCAR country) they sell "racing gas" in some stations.* My understanding is that this is 100 Octane fuel, and wouldn't have any ethanol in it.* This is in dirt gas stations not marinas, but I thought I'd throw that out...

Many marinas in our area advertise with big signs (NO ETHANOL), and in my own marina I get a statement every year about how much gas I buy since it evidently is off road fuel and I can deduct the road tax from it on my tax return.* They tell me that they might soon not be able to sell no ethanol gas in the future however.

NOTE:* My big boat uses diesel, but my Grady White uses Gas and I'm careful to never put Ethanol into it since it is a '94 and probably won't tolerate it in many ways...

Random statements I know, but thought I'd something to add here.

-- Edited by Egregious on Wednesday 22nd of December 2010 09:00:34 PM
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RE: Can E15 be stopped?

Many of the marinas in the Puget Sound switch to E 10. **They are still pump the low sulfur diesel but talking about pumping ultra low sulfur diesekl.**I already use the ultra low sulfur on road in the Eagle. Its the distributors that decide what they will deliver.*
Some of the on major names gas stations are already pumping E15 and Biodiesel.****
I heard that if E10 is mix with oil it will last longer.* I do not know if this is true?***
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Can E15 be stopped?

Diesels are not exempt , the feds allow up to 2% poisoning of diesel with Bio Fuel with NO REQUIREMENT TO POST the bio fuel content.

"The best congress money can by !" Will Roggers

The latest is it may go to 5% poison , with no sign.

-- Edited by FF on Thursday 23rd of December 2010 06:02:24 AM
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