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Refrigerator problem Pilot 30 II

I have a 2004 Mainship Pilot 30II with the top loading refrigerator. I usually keep a few drinks and condiments in the fridge, and keep the AC Outlets switch on constantly when I'm away from the boat to keep the fridge running on shore power, and keep the drinks cool. In the past the fridge worked so good that it could freeze drinks at less than half way up on the dial. Recently I noticed a little defrost water in the bottom at the same temp I usually run. I tried turning it up, thinking perhaps the heat of the Summer was causing it to struggle to cool. Now it seems it barely cools, even at almost full on the dial. I can hear a hum near the bottom, so something is running, but it's just not cooling much.
Any suggestions?
Can these be repaired, or do you just replace when they go out?

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Your symptoms sound like a clogged up condenser or low Freon.

The condenser is easy- pull the refrigerator out from its slot and vacuum the condenser. That will probably get you bac to where you were. But also look at how the hot condenser air gets out. In many cases, Mainship just plugged these units into a dead end compartment under the galley. If you can cut some slots to improve air flow, it will work a lot better.

The Danfoss refrigeration compressor systems which is what you probably have are very critical in getting the amount of refrigeration right. And if you are low on Freon you have a leak. I would probably replace it.

But try cleaning the condenser first. That is the most likely problem.


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altouchet, Short answer is EVERYTHING can be repaired. Have you tried to turn it off for a day then turn it back on? silly sounding i know sometimes Refer units freeze up from time to time and need to be thawed. Sometime need coils cleaned off. You May have a capacitor malfunction or something more involved, like loss of refrigerant. Better to find the culprit before permanent damage is inflicted. The hum could be from the compressor failing to start from faulty start capacitor if so equipped. Hum doesn't always mean good things.
Good luck.
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It ended up being a power supply problem. Replaced it, and everything is fine now!
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Did you ever solve your refrigerator problem? I have the same one in my Pilot 30-II and just replaced the control module. Most of them are expensive but I found one on e-bay that was new for $75.00. I think there are more available. I had to buy a new connector as well.(have extra if you want them) Let me know if you want more information on what I did.
Also, noticed you had a post about upgrading your AC unit. I just bought this boat and I have no literature on the AC. Wiould you happen to have any manuals or literature you could send me?
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