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Liberty2015 08-19-2015 01:56 AM

New Member from Australia
Hi All,

Just recently joined, and this is all new to me. We have a 57 foot Halvorsen built in 1990 called Liberty( there are some pictures in our vessel Album) We keep the vessel in Newport , just North of Sydney Australia on beautiful Pittwater.

Some spec's on Liberty.

length 57 feet
Beam 16.5 feet
draft 4 ' 6
Weight 36 tonnes
Fuel Capacity 6,000 litres
Water capacity 1,600 litres with a 120 litre/p/h water maker
Engines are twin 3406 caterpillar producing 540 hp each 13.6 litre displacement, so big heavy motors, reasonably slow/medium reving 2000 rpm max. She does 4.9 knots in gear and cruises at 9 knots at 1100 rpm
Sleeps 8 in 3 cabins and have 2 heads
We run lithium ion Battery systems for house/3500 watt inverter and 12 kva onan genset.

For the first 3 months of this year we covered 2,500 nautical miles and went down and circumnavigated Tassie , which was the first real serious cruise we have completed.
We use the boat most weekends cruising the local waterways.

hoping to find the forum beneficial , and being able to talk to like minded people.

Cheers Chris D--- Liberty :)

BruceK 08-19-2015 02:12 AM

Welcome aboard Chris. A fine looking vessel,we will look for you when on the Hawkesbury. I am often surprised by some of the beautiful later boats produced under the Halvorsen name. I hope you enjoy TF.

Yorki 08-19-2015 02:22 AM

Welcome Chris D - Indeed a beautiful boat. I hope to see you around the traps.


BruceK 08-19-2015 02:34 AM

Welcome aboard Steve, another new Aussie TF member.
Were you in the Navy?

Yorki 08-19-2015 02:46 AM

No - not the Navy - another 'service'. Enjoying the posts. I am commencing a re-fit on my Mainship soon, so I may be following many of the forums more closely soon! Thanks BruceK.


Tidahapah 08-19-2015 03:20 AM

Welcome on board Chris.
Did you do the Tassie circumnavigation with the Cruising Club Group.
I headed back home about a month after the Wooden Boat Festival but did not circumnavigate. Only went down as far as Researche Bay.
Hope to see you up north at some stage.

RT Firefly 08-19-2015 04:03 AM

Welcome aboard.

Liberty2015 08-19-2015 04:47 AM

Hi Guy's

BruceK and Steve,

If you see me around come over and say G'day and come onboard for a chat. Always loved the IG brand. I had Mark Halvorsen on board last year, he was heavily involved with the IG boats.

Ben I remember seeing your vessel at the wooden boat show, we arrived about 4 days before and were moored at Royal Tasie yacht club, and yes did the circumnavigation with the club crushing group, we had 45 boats and were together at certain stages for dinners , BBQ etc, but there was plenty of flexibility to do our own thing. The west coast of Tassie is spectacular , but deserves a lot of respect, the sea's can be quite large and powerful. Have not seen swells as big as the ones down there, they are like rolling hills.

Cheers Chris D Liberty

Bay Pelican 08-19-2015 05:36 AM

Welcome aboard Chris.

Liberty2015 08-19-2015 05:44 AM

Hi Marty,

We have a krogen42 in a bay near us here in Australia , which arrived a year ago after crossing from the States, can't quite remember the Name but is after a famous song and was featured in Krogens Nav aids news either late last year or earlier this . I believe it is for sale and the owners packed up and may have gone home.
They must be fantastic Sea boats, as that is a bit of a trip!!

Cheers Chris D

siestakey 08-19-2015 06:09 AM

Welcome Chris

folivier 08-19-2015 09:19 AM

Welcome. Tell me a bit more about your lithium battery system. Is it a lithium ion or LiFePO4?
I installed 1000 amphours LiFePO4 (from Balqon) in my motorhome and loved them. Sold the system to a friend before I sold the motorhome. He loves them also.

Victor_Chat 08-20-2015 08:37 AM

Welcome aboard...I'm also intrigued by this lithium battery. Especially with the new developments from Tesla and Mercedes.

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