We`ll christen her "Aja Marie"

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Jun 3, 2014
Hi All, My wife Rosie and I just finished a 5 day journey starting at Bay City, Michigan where we picked up Forever Young, a 44' MT trawler and brought her to our home port of Sturgeon Bay, WI. We bought her from Joe Manelis, who had owned the boat for 10 years and kindly offered to join us and show up the ropes. Rosie and I are completely new to big water boating and could not have done it without someone like Joe by our side. Weather was good every day, and we stayed overnight at Tawas, Presque Isle, Mackinaw City, and Leland marinas before making the crossing across Lake Michigan. Fog most of one day and massive amounts of lake flies another were the only (slight) negatives of the trip. We'll be naming the boat after our grand-daughter, Aja Marie, and plan to spend a couple of years getting good at what we do and then venturing off on longer adventures. We're looking forward to learning a lot just by staying in touch through this website and asking a lot of questions of the many experts who inhabit this site.

Tom Gall
City: Sturgeon Bay, WI
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Aja Marie
Vessel Model: Marine Trader
Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard, Tom. As a native Chicagoan, it's good to see more Midwesterners joining in the conversation.

It's a passion and a way of life that you just bought in to with your 44 MT. Enjoy the journey!!

Got some pics to show off? Without them, we won't believe you really bought it! :D
Welcome aboard.
Congratulations, I like the idea of naming after your grandchild, all the best with the new vessel!
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