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Jan 14, 2009
This week I brought my boat into the marina where I work - got some strang looks bringing a local fishing boat into a modern marina full of western imported yachts! *Will fit gaurd rails round the boat, trying to keep the kids on board, and an awning over the foredeck to keep the rain off during this wet season and the sun off the rest of the time. *I am using galcvanised 1 inch pipe and will paint it white as I don't think stainless would suit the boat. *Also water tank, pump and some plumbing, then fuel tanks and asssociated plumbing and hopefully change the steering to hydraulic rather than rope and chain.

Once this is complete I will save a little more money then give it to a carpenter to fit a new raised foredeck and finish off the wheelhouse. *A chair by the wheel will also avoid the sore legs I got on the three hour trip up to the marina.

But it is running well and I had the family out on it for an afternoon at a local isalnd last weekend. *

Cheers, leon.
Thanks for the update Leon- keep us posted. I think you will find the rest of your marina will admire your workmanship and your vessel. I know I have. Boat folks seem to transcend wealth, position and birthright. Keep the walkways clear of your tools, smile at your new dock neighbors as they walk by, and be sure to acknowledge and pet their dogs. Simple advice guaranteed to put you in everyone's good graces. Keep us posted.Steve *

Thanks for the encouragement. *My neighbour was a bit concerned about the grinding and cutting at first but we clean up well at the end of each day and I reminded him that I was the same guy that had done some translating a few months back when he first arrived to help him organise some contractors. *Today I told him where to fill his gas bottles and now he is sweet. *The other side we had already been working on their engine and I helped them carry their drinking water down the dock so sweet there too. *

It is starting to come together, especially considering my guys do not normally do work like this and it is my first effort designing and directing how to construct gaurdrails and fixed awning. *See attached pics showing boat on work dock in marina with railings started but not complete, top of awning being welded in shop, partial painting in engine room and temporary household water tank being installed in bow. *

Cheers, Leon.

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Oldfishboat, yes I think galvanised is pretty tough and predictable. *I plan to paint it using epoxy based Jotun paint "Hardtop" which is produced locally, very reasonable in price and very hard for two years in the sun, after that is goes bit a chalky.Cheers, leon.
Being labour day today I could spend all day on the boat, even if the first half was hampered a little having my 2 year old son with me. *Made some good progress, got the water tank plumbed in with pump connected and one fresh water outlet on the back deck for starters. *Finally wired the two bilge pumps with dash mounted switches with auto, manual, off functions and indicator lights - also ran the hoses more neatly out of the way. *Re-ran battery cables more neatly and got a coat of paint inside most of the front of the boat. *Hope to do some more work on the railings and awning tomorrow with the help of a welder.After all this is done I am going to be keen to get a carpenter involved and do the foredeck and wheelhouse properly!
Cheers, Leon. **
We have the railings around the boat basically finished now, up to the painting stage. *Still need to get the awning frame down and tidy up the welds and then paint it while down then attach it permanently.

I could not figure out how to get a reasonable space to walk down the side decks - went through the idea of mounting the after uprights to the hull sides with 90 degree bends to space them out a bit and varieties of this theme. *But in the end went with slight outward angles on the after up rights which was simpler and seems to have worked out ok. *

The red paint is a metal primer and still have the white topcoat to go on top. *The cover on the awning is a workshop tarp I had that just happened to be almost the right size. *Will change to a proper fitted cover at some point when the worst of the messy and dirty work is finished.

Started fitting the hydraulic steering today and also have the bases for the fuel tanks fitted and painted. *Next to install the tanks and fuel lines. *Also hope to get a swim platform made and installed this week before taking the boat back out of the marina this weekend.

Cheers, Leon.


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Mr. Leon,
** Looking REALLY good!* I agree that the sloping aft rails are probably the simplest and easiest solution.* What beautiful lines she has.* Keep posting.
Mr Firefly,

Thanks for the feedback, I will keep posting progress as I go. *The next challenge is to work with a carpenter and make accomodation without losing those lines. *

Cheers, Leon.

I just joined. You are completing a project I hope to start within a year. Thanks for proving to me that it can be done.


The vessel is fabulous.

Having been a "houseboater" on inland lakes in the USA, your children will always remember growing up on the boat.

Mr. hs. Welcome aboard. You realize Mr. Ph's last post was 9 years ago, I hope. In any case, carry on.
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