Tender Lifting Straps - What do you use?

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Oct 25, 2007
We have purchased a 2005 Boston Whaler 110 Sport with a 25hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard for our tender. Looking for advice from others as to what kind of lifting straps to use. We have an 800lb Steelhead crane. I have seen a "Wichard" rig that has three straps and a 3000lb Safe Working Load.

Appreciate your help.
I used some light chain with shackles. I've also used rope on occasion.
A nice rig could be made with climbing webbing. One inch tubular constructed webbing has a breaking strength of 4000 pounds. It is synthetic, relatively cheap, easily worked with, sewable for custom harnesses, available in many different colors to match or contrast, can be used with a variety of rings, connectors, and length adjustment systems.

thanks, guys. think i'll probably make up one myself.
We use a set up made with four 1/4" stainless cables. Each cable has one end with a locking snap hook (?) the other end is attached to a stainless ring that we hook the winch hook to.
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