Teak veneer

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Apr 7, 2012
There is small crack in the teak veneer on the cabin wall.
If I must replace it, has anyone done this? What technique best solves the problem?
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Each case is different, but you might be able to use a hypodermic needle to apply glue under the veneer and then glue it back down, then touch up the finish.

Or not, it's hard to say without seeing it in person or at least a couple clear photos.
Is there anyone who doesn't have a small/large crack in their veneer? I might have one or two panels without an imperfection....
So how big is the crack! There are ways to repair/blend/hide depending on the size. Teak has differnt grain/texture and color which adds charater/feel to it. Replacing is the very last resort.
Thanks to all. Great ideas to solve a cosmetic issue. She is a beautiful boat and I will do all I can to maintain her. Great advice and greatly appreciated!

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I keep a few pieces of veneer from other boat projects handy for just such a crack. The veneer can be cut almost hair thin and stuffed into the crack. A little furniture crayon the right color, and it looks OK. I wouldn't want to do it in the middle of a bulkhead, but in a less visible spot, it may be the easy fix. On Krogens, the inside of the closets are often finished the same as any veneer on the boat. You may be able to find a small sliver under a piece of molding. Some of us have taken whole panels out the the closets and replaced them with formica or cedar. But matching the grain pattern........good luck.


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