Stuck windows on GB

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Aug 15, 2021
HI all,

As part of my rehab of a 1995 GB I need to unstick 3 of the sliding windows opening into the salon. I assume the gunk that's accumulated along the tracks is holding them up.
I just want to see if there are any tricks and don't want to break the glass.

Use a very thin putty knife to break the bond between the track and the glass.
Yes, it’s likely gunk and eau de crud that’s gumming up the works. Get a large, glass-lifting suction cup (such as to get some leverage to get it moving. This works well. Once loose, use old fashioned pipe cleaners and cotton swabs to clean out the tracks. Be sure to clean out the weep holes (drains) at the bottom of the tracks also. If they are clogged water can seep inside, much to the detriment of the teak trim.
When I've had really stuck windows, I've used a buddy so one person inside and one outside pushing at the same spot so you won't break a window and you're able to really lean into it for leverage/force.
Maybe get a couple of the vacuum handles that they carry glass with and use them for leverage to push and pull while using a lubricant like liquid soap in the track. Something like these.

VEVOR Glass Suction Cup, 4.7" 2 Pack 330 lbs Load Capacity, Vacuum Suction Cup with Aluminum Handle, Heavy Duty Industrial Suction Cup Lifter Tool for Glass, Granite, Tile, Metal, Wood Panel Lifting​

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