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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Anastasia III
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
Be on the lookout for "Seacot", a 1999 Sea Ray 410 express cruiser. A delivery captain picked it up a couple of weeks ago off pier 15 at South Shore Harbour marina in League City, TX to deliver it to FL, but has not shown up yet and refused to tell the owners where he is. It has been reported stolen to the Coast Guard.

If you spot it, please call the USCG on channel 16 or at 409-763-0724, or let myself or any local law enforcement know.
I got a reply on this one... the towboat/US operator in Pass Christian, MS, found the boat aground in Bay St. Louis on May 3rd. and towed him off, then to a marina, from which he subsequently disappeared.

The boat was found this week at a Holiday Inn marina in FL with major damage to props and shafts, swim platform, a 14" hole in the side, keys in ignition, doors open, etc. It was abandoned there. The owner now has it in dry dock for repairs.

Be careful who you get as a delivery captain!
Have you noted the number of Searays for sale on yachtworld? A good hurricane or "delivery skipper' is needed to clear out the inventory. The insurers must be really leery right now with all the defaults on "insured" boats.
They found the boat last week at a Holiday Inn marina in FL. Bent shafts and props, swim platform mostly destroyed, 14" hole in the starboard side. Hatches and doors open, keys in ignition, abandoned. The owner has it now, on the hard for repairs.
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