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Nov 12, 2017
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Custom 33' Glen-L design "union jack"
im back from my one month, turned into two months, excursion to the great(cough cough!) city of Brooklyn, NY

i scrounged around in old boat yards whenever possible
consignment stores packed to the ceiling
and every craigslist and ebay post i found interesting.....

i made it home with a NOS force 10 cabin heater
a set of old heavy bronze navigation lights(possibly runway markers)
a clinometer that im not sure is as old as i thought(lol, might be a fake vintage from India) but still a cool looking piece :)
a new copy of Nigel Caulders 4th edition book
and a 21 inch bronze ships wheel for the pilot house !!!!!

im seriously thinking of using a high end wood from six countries i have visited to replace the 6 handles on the wheel.....we'll see

anyway.... iimmm baaaaack :)
if i play my cards right, and pray really hard....
i might be able to purchase the engine/trans for the boat next go around, im heading back up dec/jan/feb/possibly march next year

Beta 75 i hear you calling my name :)

ive been invited back up for a summer rotation, but no way my crew is going to let me TDY again before at least nov/dec after the summer season tapers off
Welcome back, TY! We missed you!

Great finds. Gotta love the nautical treasure hunts!

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