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Sep 2, 2014
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Just registered, although I've popped in here from time to time anonymously over the years. I don't feel like a total stranger...I recognize a few of you from the C-Brats (C-Dory site) and the TugNuts (Ranger Tugs site.) Bill here - I'm the nerd behind the curtain at both of those places, Da Nag is what I go by there.

I still have a C-Dory 16 Angler, which I'll never sell - love that little boat. However, I thought the same with the 22 C-Dory Cruiser I had for many years...but much as I liked it, my better half didn't. When she expressed interest in something larger, we gravitated towards trawlers...but the realities of budget kept us from stepping too far up. Sold the 22 (in one day!), then acquired a 1988 Nordic Tug 26 last month. Absolutely love it so far, but there's definitely a learning curve. And, while we were fortunate to find one in excellent overall shape - there's no shortage of projects and updates on my list.

Looking forward to settling in and meeting up with some of you in the PNW.
Welcome Da Nag. We are members of c-brats, having owned 3 c-dorys prior to our Grand Banks. Congrats on the tug!
Welcome and congratulations! post some pictures of your new tug for us!
Welcome! Ask a lot of questions, you'll get a whole lot of answers.
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