pamlico/neuse N.C diver ?

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Sep 12, 2017
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marine trader 38 dc
my surveyor recommended I have my anodes checked after a few months in the new area .
anyone know a good reasonable diver ? the boat is in oriental .
thanks , I called him and he recommended another dive service "to save me the driving charge" .nice guy

he recommended R&R and they are also out of range but said they would do it while we are in Beaufort for the night .even though it's a holiday weekend. WOW. there rates seem to be very good

so if we don't find anyone local we will try to schedule R&R on a Sunday morning . at least we would be there when they do it.
Robert at Willis Dive Service in Beaufort, NC took care of us a few times while there this last fall/winter. Very nice guy - did an excellent job as well.
You want Kirk Hathaway with Cape Carolina Dive Service. He does our boat in New Bern and still covers Oriental (I think).

Kirk Hathaway
919 671-1996 / email:
Call Diane Pate at Details R Us / Mikes Diving. They did my boat (56' Hatteras) for years and are in Oriental. New Bern regularly... great folks 252-916-6338.
Ditto Kirk Hathaway:thumb::thumb::thumb:
thanks everyone I called kirk .he only does one marina in oriental (not mine ).so I'm going to try Carolina dive service the price is good and they were recommended by kirk . I had called a different number for mikes dive service and the voicemail was full. I'll try the details r us number if Carolina doesn't work out . I think Willis dive is too far like r&r.

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