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Feb 26, 2019
Vessel Make
23' RFC Marine/Philbrooks Cruiser

I grew up sailing. Love it. But can't afford to maintain a rig properly. Luckily I now enjoy going slow. I'm drawn to classic designs and vessels with no nonsense. The more systems, the more there is to go wrong. "Trawlers" come in all shapes and sizes. Both of my boats fall under the "trailerable trawler" category. (Converted 24ft lifeboat, Philbrooks Coaster 23)

I just started a website sharing some of my photos and projects. Hopefully some of the info will help others. I am also looking forward to learing from others from this forum.



Nice blog. Great pictures. Lot of TLC going back into her.

Welcome aboard.
Thanks, shes a nice little boat with 6ft2 headroom. Head, galley, sleeps 4...

The blog/site will be updated many times over the next few month as I transfer various project photos from my phone to computer and find time to write something interesting. Lots of other projects have been completed.
Oh I forgot to mention, where does the VW grille get attached?
Oh I forgot to mention, where does the VW grille get attached?

Haha, on my 86 Vanagon Westfalia daily driver with 2.2L subaru engine. My land exploring rig. But that is a whole other project.. :D
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