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I am a newcomer to the forum and find the threads very interesting and informative. I am a long-time boater with so much more to learn and hoping to pick-up a lot of new information here.
I recently posted my 30/34’ Mount Desert Island Downeaster on this forum, since she has all the attributes of a good small trawler, with more speed and a more comfortable ride.
I have had a number of PMs, but very few replies. I’ve been surprised to not have more replies and I wonder why.
On the buy side, I am looking for a 45’ to 55’ trawler or Downeaster with 2 or 3 staterooms, 2 heads with shower stalls and a big galley. I prefer a raised pilot house with a fly bridge and saloon that opens onto a covered cockpit. Preferably zero bright work.
East coast, gulf coast or Great Lakes boats would all be of interest.
I’d you have any recommendations, please let me know.
Even though this site has a decent membership of daily readers, I suspect they make up a small fraction of wanabe trawler owners. If you want to sell it your self, advertise on

FWIW a 45'+ downeaster is a rarity and will cost some big bucks for what you want if it is even available. Other trawlers that might meet your spec like a Selene won't be cheap either.

95% of those available will be listed with a broker. Why don't you find a decent broker and make a deal with him to sell your current downeaster for you at a reduced commission if you agree to work with him to buy your next boat. That would be a no brainer deal for me when I was a broker years ago.

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If I were you I would list my boat with a reputable broker at the busiest harbor in your area ASAP. Now is the best time that I know of in my lifetime to sell a boat. Your boat, if it is priced correctly, should sell withing 3 to 6 months as it is an attractive boat and popular layout and drivetrain.
If you keep reading, you will get a flavor of what are on most prospective buyers MUST have, dont want lists.

I think you will find iit interesting and how they fit your boat.

Someone out there wants your boat, someday....and near your asking price.

The problem is TOO MANY used boats.....for a quick sale, all the reasonable old timers I know say 2 things.....your boat is probably never going to fetch more than 2/3 of what you think it's worth...and take the first reasonable offer as most that dont will wind up taking less in the long run.

How many times have we all seen .....great deals dont last long.....the bad news usually is for the seller, not the buyer.
I think that is a great reminder about the first offer often being the best.
Thank you.
I would have to say today's market is like nothing we have seen before - good clean boats are selling and they are bringing top dollar.

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